Anonymous asked:

Do you have anymore ideas coming soon.Youre fics are just awesome and it's hard to wait patiently when they are like that.

Do You Hear the Writers Sing? Answer:

Well thank you so much! And to be completely honest, I have five fics that I’ve started but not completed. So I’m very disappointed in myself for that. I’ll try my very hardest to get one up!

calmturquoise asked:

Once you receive this you have to post 5 nice things about yourself publicly and then send it to 10 of your favorite followers :)

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Oh boy… let’s see think nice, think nice…

1. I quite pride myself on my sense of humor (consists of funny noises and much sarcasm)

2. I really, really, reeeeally like to sing, and I’m not half bad at it :)

3. (damn this is getting hard) I have pretty much 90 and above averages in all my classes

4. I enjoy listening to people and their stories

5. My fanfictions bring people joy :)


when people reblog my fics I sometimes creep on their blogs and occasionally befriend them from my main account and they have no idea


Cas pressing kisses to all of Sam’s ticklish places just to feel his body twitch and hear that little huff Sam makes, keeping at it until Sam drags him up his body and pulls Cas into a deep kiss.

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Anonymous asked:

I'm just excited for more of your work! I hope you finish the prompt soon, I love your stories. <3

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Anonymous asked:

Have you gotten any more prompts?

Do You Hear the Writers Sing? Answer:

For what exactly? Because I haven’t gotten any in a while, no :( Well, I got one about two weeks ago but haven’t gotten around to finishing it.

Anonymous asked:

Omg congratulations!!!!!!! That's so awesome! :D /thebest-medicine

Do You Hear the Writers Sing? Answer:

Thank you!!! And I really appreciate this message from you because your blog was one of the first ones on tumblr that I followed! Your stories and all of the other fanfic writers inspired me!


WOW! ‘o’

I seriously cannot believe I have reached this number of followers on here. It boggles my mind! (and also coincidentally this is my 200th post).

I wanna do something special for this milestone but I don’t know what. If any of y’all have ideas, I’d love to hear them. I know other people have been doing quick little prompt requests that are responded to rather quickly. Tell me if you’d like that or something else.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of my 200 followers for sticking by me and my fanfictions for all this time! I love you all!

P.S. My other blog ( just reached 100 followers! Happy days!

personal 200 followers celebrate fanficsandfluff 100 followers a-tall-hobbit

Anonymous asked:

thank you thank you thank you for your most recent gotg post. it was just what i needed to read.

Do You Hear the Writers Sing? Answer:

Aww you’re welcome! I’m so happy you enjoyed reading it!

heartsalotofstuff asked:

OHHMYYYGOOOOD THAT FIC WAS PERFECT! I adore your GOTG fics so much! They're great! -babe

Do You Hear the Writers Sing? Answer:

Oh thank you so much! I really appreciate that!