1. Hello, lovely people on tumblr. This might be a little boring and a little long, but it has to be said just so I don’t worry all of you.

    In NO way, shape or form does this mean that I will stop writing fanfiction for good.

    Recently, I have lost the urge to write fanfics. I have a few theories about what could be causing this. The first includes my lack of creativity and want to actually shell out the work time and effort to write new full-length fics.

    The second has to do with the fact that I RP a lot with maybe about four different people right now. And I’ve been through pretty much every possible scenario under the sun, all with Supernatural characters. So this has made all my ideas for fanfictions banal and nonexistent almost. I do have three fanfictions in my Drafts that are not finished, and to be honest, I don’t know if or when I will finish them. So I’m considering posting the unfinished ones and doing I don’t know what with them. Maybe some people will support me if I post them and give me the inspiration to continue them, Well, whatever happens happens.

    So I hope this clears up at least a little how I’m feeling. This could be classified as a Writer’s Block, so you may call it that if it so pleases you. Thank you for listening to me complain. I am well, so it’s nothing like that. I hope I can get back on the bandwagon soon!

    And if any of you are so willing, I’d love to accept prompts to maybe put some fresh ideas in my mind. (No promises that I will finish them quickly in my current state).

    I love all of you and thank you so much for listening!


  2. poesparakeet said: Welcome Back! We missed you!

    Aww thanks! Missed you, too!

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  3. deanslaughter said: hello! I wanted to get started on writing some fanfics for my new blog, and I have absolutely noooooo idea what to write! if you have any ideas for a Supernatural based tickle fic I would greatly appreciate it! or if any of your followers have any ideas they could suggest it to me :3. thank you so much xoxo.

    Hello there new tickle fic writer!!! Welcome to the community! And at the moment I don’t have many ideas. One that comes to me now is whichever pairing you like (I enjoy Sam and Cas as friends or Dean and Sam as brothers) poke fun at each other and horse around. So that could lead to a tickle fight and each of them have some sort of spot on them (of your choosing) that absolutely makes them either melt completely, or laugh hysterically. Hope this helps. And followers, help this nice chick out! Send her ideas! Great to hear from you!


  4. Anonymous said: Different Anon here, answering your wrestling question (because I'm nosy like that): My favorite wrestler is, without a doubt, The Deadman, the Legend, The UNDERTAKER. And I have a request: please please PLEASE with ice cream and a cherry on top please write another story where Crowley tickles the guys! Your first two were totally SPECTACULAR!

    Oooooh the Phenom! Not a bad choice, he’s always awesome! And thank you so much! I’m glad you liked those and I’ll try to write more!

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  5. Anonymous said: Oh yeah the wyatts are good love their gimmick and bray wyatt is one charismatic man ;) I really like cody rhodes and also started to like roman reigns and dean ambrose (even seth rollins, I mean common he's definitely one good looking man :-P )

    Oh man all of the now disassembled Shield were awesome. Ambrose is my favorite out of all of them because I love the way he talks on the mic.

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  6. Anonymous said: It's no problem that you don't write wwe stories anymore ;) may I ask who your fave superstars/stables/divas are or were? :)

    Oh yeah! I really love Daniel Bryan and The Miz… The Wyatts are always cool. Aaaand Wade Barrett. Yup, those are my faves. What about you, anon?

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  7. Anonymous said: I love you and I love your fics but mostly I love you <3


    Aww, thank you so much, anon! I love you as well!


  8. Anonymous said: I just recently discovered your blog and it's amazing :) I saw that you even wrote a wwe fic (which is really good) so I wanted to ask if you're planning on writing another wwe fic any time soon? :)

    Thank you so much! And no, I don’t write those anymore, sorry… But I am still a huge fan of WWE

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  9. Anonymous said: HIIII!!! So I just wanna say that I live your blog!! I literally check this out almost twenty times a day!! Soooo I was wondering if you were still doing supernatural prompts?? If you are I have one!! Ok goes like this-- Adam is still in the cage (sad 😩😩) and is watching as Michael and lucifer fight or something and pretty much says something that catches their attention... And not in the good way... Hope it sounds ok!! Still live your log though LOL!! Thanks!!

    Hello, anon! And OMG I’m gonna die from all those sweet things you said! I appreciate you liking my blog this much! I will take your prompt and see how well I do! (Never written Adam and only once attempted Michael) Hope you enjoy!

    They were bickering. Again. This was about the twentieth time that week, or however long Adam thought a week was in the damn cage. He always started out ignoring the archangels and it usually worked until they dragged him into the fight so he could pick a side. Otherwise, Michael and Lucifer left Adam the hell alone.

    Adam was tuning them out as he sat in a corner of the cage on a chair Lucifer had conjured for them all. He hadn’t really paid attention to what it was they were fighting about until he heard something. It was apparently about embarrassing moments in their childhood, the other always denying it happened. He thought he could hold out but after another five minutes of whining and yelling, he cracked.

    Adam didn’t say it too loudly but it came out anyway, “Annoying angel dicks…”

    The two fighting angels turned toward Adam, forgetting he was there for a second. Lucifer tilted his head.

    "Oh really, Adam?"

    The vessel looked up, paling at the fact he now knew they heard him. Lucifer smirked evilly for a second, whispering something to his brother, which Adam did not catch. Michael nodded and even formed a smile of his own. Adam knew that when stoic Michael was smiling, he was in trouble. But there was nowhere to go in the cage, so he just sat frozen stiff on the chair. Lucifer flicked a hand and Adam felt himself shooting off the chair he was sitting on and land on his back on the ground.

    "Would you care to hold him, big brother?" Lucifer asked.

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  10. Anonymous said: Do you take requests?

    Yes, I’m open to them! Just so long as I know the characters and like them. From there, I’ll try my best!


  11. Anonymous said: for the prompt thingy I was thinking something like a Benny and Dean kinda thing just as friends but maybe deans being a butt and Benny tickles him for it maybe idk

    Oh, sweetie, I don’t really do Benny fics. I hate doing this kind of thing but I know I’d just get the character all wrong and I’m not a huge fan of the guy to begin with. But I’ll post this so maybe some other writer can take a crack at it. Again, so sorry!


  12. I’m working on a prompt, and I’ve reached a bit of a dilemma. Where would Adam be most ticklish? Or any places that could produce different reactions. I really don’t know for this one! Thanks for your help!


  13. Anonymous said: Ack! Hallucifer! I love it!!! -babe!anon

    Thanks so much!

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  14. Anonymous said: Ooooh, you should do a Hallucifer fic! Lucifer's an attention whore, and I don't think there's nearly enough ticklish!Sammy out there anyway. Pretty please?

    This is great! I freaking love both Lucifer and ticklish!Sammy :) Thank you!

    "Oh, Sammy!"

    Sam groaned, eyes sliding closed once more. All he wanted was to get in an hour of sleep. Dean left him alone for a few hours to do God knows what. He trusted Sam would remain asleep until he got back. But not with Lucifer crawling around in Sam’s brain every second. The devil was seated on a chair opposite Sam sprawled out on the couch. He was chucking bits of eraser he was tearing off pencils at him.

    "Come on, Sam, I need to be entertained. You sleeping will not help," one piece landed in Sam’s ear and he shook his head out. He pinched the scar on his hand, but it did no use since he was still drowsy and barely had any strength.

    "You slept for like five minutes. That’s enough rest for one day, don’t you think?" Lucifer stood up.

    Sam hoped that if he ignored him, he would go away. The chances of that happening were highly unlikely. Lucifer strolled over to him and alternated poking his stomach and arm, “Up! Now, slave!”

    Sam couldn’t hide the smile that formed on his face at each poke to his stomach. He pushed Lucifer’s hands away and rolled onto his side.

    "Oh, you find me funny now? When I’m not even trying to be?" Lucifer forced Sam on his back on the couch again.

    "Stop," Sam grumbled, turning back over. Lucifer pinched his side with the mindset to annoy him but he didn’t expect that smile to return, accompanied by a yelp from the hunter. The devil smirked in realization.

    "Sammy, you wouldn’t happen to be ticklish, would you?" He was on Sam in an instant, pinning him to the couch. Without hesitation, he wiggled fingers on Sam’s stomach, gliding towards his sides occasionally. Sam’s eyes scrunched close again as a string of giggles came from his mouth. He hadn’t laughed in ages, nor had he been tickled, and this was somewhat relieving.

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  15. Anyone want to give me SPN tickle prompts?