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I post my fanfictions on this blog and they mainly deal with fluffy tickles. There may be a normal one thrown in there once or twice. Please Enjoy!


when people reblog my fics I sometimes creep on their blogs and occasionally befriend them from my main account and they have no idea

Hello, followers!

I need to know something :)

What is an ideal situation that you would like to find yourself in with a character from Supernatural (Sam/Dean/Cas)? Please include tickling, if possible. It can be cuddly and cutesy also. Just nothing too smutty please :) Thank you!

So I got these from anons (not sure if they’re the same person)

Thank you for all the love! And I am trying sooo hard to complete more GotG fics! I’ve just been going through a bit of a slum in my life. If I can’t make full fics out of them, I’ll try to make short ficlets.


Cas pressing kisses to all of Sam’s ticklish places just to feel his body twitch and hear that little huff Sam makes, keeping at it until Sam drags him up his body and pulls Cas into a deep kiss.

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I'm just excited for more of your work! I hope you finish the prompt soon, I love your stories. <3
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Have you gotten any more prompts?
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For what exactly? Because I haven’t gotten any in a while, no :( Well, I got one about two weeks ago but haven’t gotten around to finishing it.

I never liked the tagging other people thing because I feel like I am pressuring them to do it and get it done and it is annoying to them… SO I will just answer the set of questions and be done with it! Thank you to fangirlgeekout and deanslaughter for tagging me :)

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Omg congratulations!!!!!!! That's so awesome! :D /thebest-medicine
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Thank you!!! And I really appreciate this message from you because your blog was one of the first ones on tumblr that I followed! Your stories and all of the other fanfic writers inspired me!

WOW! ‘o’

I seriously cannot believe I have reached this number of followers on here. It boggles my mind! (and also coincidentally this is my 200th post).

I wanna do something special for this milestone but I don’t know what. If any of y’all have ideas, I’d love to hear them. I know other people have been doing quick little prompt requests that are responded to rather quickly. Tell me if you’d like that or something else.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of my 200 followers for sticking by me and my fanfictions for all this time! I love you all!

P.S. My other blog ( just reached 100 followers! Happy days!

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thank you thank you thank you for your most recent gotg post. it was just what i needed to read.
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Aww you’re welcome! I’m so happy you enjoyed reading it!

OHHMYYYGOOOOD THAT FIC WAS PERFECT! I adore your GOTG fics so much! They're great! -babe
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Oh thank you so much! I really appreciate that!

A/N There’s a person on tumblr who gave me the prompt idea and would like to remain anonymous, but I just wanna say THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS PROMPT AXLKCVNL!!!! This person asked specifically for Peter Quill to be captured and bound and gagged, then to be rescued, and comforted. I hope I captured your idea well enough. And I only saw that last message of having it up quickly so I am so sorry that this is late! I hope you can forgive me! :(

Words: 2,192

Please Enjoy!

A stinging on the side of his face keeps him awake for another minute. He squints his eyes through the hot red liquid that seeps from somewhere on his hairline. He pulls on his arms bound above his head with his last remaining strength, and then tugs on his legs chained to the floor. He is hanging a good foot off the ground. He tries to scream, to voice his opinion about what he thinks of the guys doing this to him, but he cannot because the gag is bound too tight around himself. All he can do is glare.

"Think you’re such a big shot, Quill?" a menacing voice speaks, "Well, down here, you’re not a big shot. Guardian of the Galaxy? Star-Lord? Not down here," another punch to his jaw and Peter swears he can feel a tooth dislodge itself from his gums. He finally lets out a pained whimper after all the torture he endured. And he swore to himself he wouldn’t breathe a word around them. But right now, that one whine and that smirk that appeared on the attacker’s face… it made him feel weak. And he knew that’s what he was. He was about to start begging and pleading through his gag. A punch to his stomach was delivered and his breath left him for a moment. ‘No more,’ he wanted to say. But he knew they weren’t going to stop any time soon. Even if he passed out from the agony and exhaustion, they’d just wake him up and start over.

"Ready for round… what are we on now? Nine?" the voice chuckled. Peter shook his head, even that motion causing him pain as he hung there, bound and gagged.

"No? Well, I guess we haven’t hit hard enough yet. Isn’t that right, Peter?" the words were spat in his face and he was punched again. His name echoed in his head, since that was the last thing he heard. He wanted to scream again. Not even in anger. Just from the sheer pain of it all, he wanted to howl. He wanted it to end. He knew his friends wouldn’t come and save him. It was just him. Peter Quill and the dumbass goon who killed him. That’s what it was going to be, he was sure of it. And the weakness nestled itself into his core again. He felt it, sitting there. With each new blow dealt to him, that one word reverberated inside his skull. Wherever the punch landed, the word was branded there. On his side, his stomach, his cheek… Weak was spelled out and would forever remain there. Weak weak weak…

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Can you write more GotG fanfoction? I read yours and cAN'T GET ENOUGH OF IT
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YES YES YES! I promise, I’m working on one now and I hope to finish it soon! So glad you love my other one!

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the gotg one was really good and also pretty adorable. will you be doing more for that movie?
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Yes I am! I’m currently working on another actually :) And I’m glad you enjoyed that one, anon!

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ACK! The GOTG fic was absolutely fantastic! It was so adorable and really well done! Oh my god I loved it! And the movie was freaking fantastic and I'm so happy to already see a tickle fic for it! Thank you! -babe!anon
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When I saw it, I couldn’t resist! I fell in love with the film instantly! It was so funny and emotional at parts that I adored it! And I do think I’m one of the first tickle fics for the fandom lol. Glad you enjoyed it!