1. I asked for Sastiel prompts on my other website and got several cute prompts. I’ll be writing those as soon as I can. If anyone has any ideas here, feel free to submit them! 


  2. Supernatural: Baby Cas and the Tickle Monster

    A/N This is that baby!Cas fic. Obviously, I had a majority of baby!Cas votes, and I really wanted a good Sam/Cas interaction fic. This fluffy mess is what it turned out to be.

    Thank you to all of you who voted!

    Please Enjoy!

    "Get back down here!"

    "NO! Put that d—"

    "Stand still!"

    "Stop moving!"

    A giggly ball of feathered energy zoomed around the bunker, zapping in and out of rooms to end up on either a shelf or a table. Sam and Dean Winchester were running around uselessly, flapping their arms, trying to grab their infant Castiel. In case you’re wondering… It was a hunt. Something went wrong. This was only temporary. 

    Dean plopped onto the couch, pure exhaustion etched onto his face. Sam was still running after the elusive baby angel. As Dean sat there, he wondered what the hell happened to Cas that turned him from that to a stoic, emotionless angel of the Lord. 

    Meanwhile, Sam thought he had Cas trapped in a corner of the kitchen. But the toddler was still smiling away. Sam took cautious movements closer to Cas and he wrapped his hands around him finally, but the angel decided to teleport just then. Sam was in the kitchen one moment, and then standing precariously on a stair railing on the upper level of the bunker. He gasped and jumped down onto the safer ground of the floor, the baby nowhere to be seen. Sam was clutching his chest, afraid he might of just had a heart attack. Now he was starting to get angry. He walked downstairs again to see Dean nearly passed out on the sofa. He sat next to him.

    "You look like crap, Sammy…"

    "You’re not looking much better."

    "What are we gonna do?" Dean heard the incessant flapping of wings from another room. 

    "I don’t know. Do angel babies need to sleep? Maybe if we get him to take a nap for a while, he’ll wake up and the spell would have worn off already."

    "That could work, but how are we catching him in the first place?"

    "I don’t know…" Sam said again, feeling defeated. The brothers sat there, happy for the limited movement involved in it. Then a loud crash came from the other room. 

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  3. Anonymous asked: LOVED SMARTASS CAS! -babe!anon

    THANK YOU!!! <3


  4. Anonymous asked: Your fics are just amazing. I love them to pieces! They make my day brighter! <3 <3 <3

    Oh my gosh thank you! I feel all the love from the smashed pieces! Thanks a million!


  5. Anonymous asked: I loved "The Cutest Human of All"! Dean being such a nice friend and letting Cas explore was so cute.

    I’m so happy you liked it, anon! :D <3


  6. Supernatural: Smartass Cas


    This was requested to be by the lovely poesparakeet! I hope you enjoy it, dear. For those of you wondering, she requested this:

    Prompt: Cas makes a joke at Dean’s expense using his new pop culture knowledge. After looking up the reference, Dean attacks. Bonus for wing tickles.

    This is also part of my Destiel fic gift for chasing-the-bees.

    Please Enjoy!

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  7. shewhohasmanynames asked: Oh my gosh! Your stories are all so cute! I just love them! :D

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I’m so happy you enjoy them! :D


  8. I was gonna do a fic with either baby!Cas or baby!Sam/Dean and I don’t know which one I should make the baby and who I should make the adult. Any preferences?


  9. Anonymous asked: Honestly I think the Cutest Human of All is my favorite fic of yours -babe!anon

    Aww, that is so sweet! Well, give yourself some credit too because you suggested the idea!


  10. Anonymous asked: awwwwww that destiel fic was too perfect! will there be a second part with Cas? ticklish!dean is my main thing, but i think Cas should have a fun experience too D!anon

    I know! I’ll see if I can do a sequel! I’m glad you liked it!


  11. Anonymous asked: Omg omg omg sequel to the cutest human please!!!

    I’ll see what I can do! I have a different prompt for ticklish!cas, so maybe I can incorporate that into a sequel??? 


  12. Anonymous asked: Awwww that was super cute I absolutely loved it!!! -babe!anon

    Glad you thought so! Thanks so much for the prompt!


  13. Supernatural: The Cutest Human of All

    A/N Okay, this fic was prompted to me by the lovely babe!anon. This was the request:

    "So how bout some ticklish!Dean? And just saying SPOILERS IF YOU HAVENT WATCHED THE MOST RECENT EPISODE!!!! what if before Gabe vanishes he’s like "oh, Castiel? Just for future reference, give Dean a little poke to the side. See what happens. Humans are pretty cute, but restraints might be necessary, cute little humans tend to fight, even though it won’t hurt." then disappears. So then at the end, instead of parting ways, they all go back to the bunker and Cas decides to test it out."

    And I loved it! This is also dedicated to chasing-the-bees whom I promised Destiel fics, this being the first one. I hope you all like them!

    Please Enjoy!


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  14. Anonymous asked: Did you get and like my prompts? -babe!anon

    Yes I did! And I cannot wait to start them! Thank you so much, sweetie!


  15. Sorry to be a bother again, but I was wondering if you had any Destiel prompts you would like to see. It could range from fluffy to light torture. And if you’ve read my fics before, you know that tickling is always appreciated. Thank you!