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Do you think you could please write another story where Crowley tickles the Winchesters? Your first two were simply purr-fect!

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Aww, thank you! And I’ll see what I can do! :)


slenderlover1605 asked:

It was perfect! Short and sweet just like John :D xxxx thank you!

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No problem! I’m glad you liked it! :D


BBC Sherlock: It’s Cute

A/N - Request from slenderlover1605

Hmm….. never done a Johnlock one before since I don’t really ship it, buuut I’ll give it my best shot. I’m so glad you like my stuff! And I’m sorry if this one turns out super duper short :(

"Could you pretty please do a Sherlock tickling John after he throws out one of his experiments? Xx can John be all blushy and embarrassed that he’s ticklish but sherlock assures him it’s cute 😄😄 this would make me so happy!! I love your work! You’re such a talented writer xx”

Words: 1,029

Please Enjoy!

Footsteps creaked up the stairs of 221B. John Watson was lounging on his signature chair reading the local Times in the flat as Sherlock Holmes stepped into the room, curly hair bouncing as he took long strides to drop his coat and scarf off on the couch. No words of greeting were exchanged between the two men. The consulting detective then moved into the kitchen, which would be more properly named his laboratory. Everything was silent still, only the occasional chink from Sherlock moving beakers around, and then the squeak of his stool moving across the tiled floor.

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how old are you? I'm just wondering I feel so young around everybody who writes tickle fics aw

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I’m actually only 13 which makes me the baby of the tickle!fic community (and too young to be on tumblr XD) but I turn 14 in January! <33

Im only 14 and feel so young compared to other tickle fic writers XD

Dude same. I just turned 14 a month ago and I’m like, wow, some of the writers here are like adults or almost graduating and I’m over here like just starting high school.

I know right! Everybody’s in college and we’re the little ones running around and writing fluff and looking up to them because they are our leaders *blushes*

ha yeah. but not everyones in college, but alot are i think. i know that cuddlemonstercas is a junior in highschool so shes kinda close to our age. but you are totally right about us looking up to them and them being our leaders *bows down to the almighty older writers*

Is it weird if I feel, like, weirdly protective of you little ones? Because I don’t think it’s my place considering I’m only 16-almost-17 myself - and I don’t want it to sound disrespectfully belittling because it’s not that at all, so I really hope I’m not making it seem that way! - but it’s like, I feel as though it’s important I set a good example for you guys and that I’m someone y’all can feel comfortable coming to talk to if you ever need help or advice or just a buddy or something. I hope that’s not weird. And I hope I’m not sounding overly-entitled when I’m still not an adult. But. Yeah.

There’s more people your age than you think, in the form of anons and silent readers and such! And in a community where how each different person likes tickling varies, it can either be completely innocent and a great place for younger audiences to enjoy, or, on occasion, can get a liiiiiiittle on the kinky side. I mean, heck, even I’ve openly written about explicit sexytimes before on one occasion. And I’m always a little paranoid about ensuring I look out for my especially-young minor followers and making sure our tickly community is a safe, fun place for everyone to express themselves! :)

I hope none of that came out weirder than it seemed in my head. I feel like maybe it did. But oh well. It’s still true. <3

You don’t sound like you’re belittling us! That made me feel so safe and cozy. I feel like a small child looking up to its older sisters in awe. cx

It’s not weird at all! It actually feels really nice. I have all these amazing people to look up to like older siblings who make me feel safe and loved and not-weird/messed up. (I actually has a story to tell yall so here I go)

Do any of you know how much this (not so) little community means to me? (and countless others)?

I was 12(yep.12.) when I first discovered this wonderful corner of tumblr (and tumblr itself). I was looking for fics one day and I came across this blog called thebest-medicine, and I couldn’t believe it. A whole thing dedicated to tickling. I was so happy. Gone were the days of searching forever to find a tickle fic. But not only were there fics, there were people talking to one another about those fics and tickling and their own experiences and people talking about how they used to feel weird about liking tickling (which was exactly how I felt at the time), but how that blog made them feel better and accepted and not-weird. And then found I out that there was a whole community of people on here just like me. Do you know how happy I was? I was overjoyed (still am); I could not stop smiling (still cant). I wasn’t alone anymore. Everyone was so sweet, so kind, so accepting, I really thought I was dreaming. ‘This cant be real’, ‘There is no way that this place exists' I thought. But it did. And it and the amazing people there have forever changed my life. 

I know how you feel. I remember feeling so weird for liking reading tickle fics. I remember I used to read one direction tickle fics on deviantart and it was like I had no one I could talk to about it. Then I found thatkourtnichik on my personal account and she inspired me so much to make my own account. I no longer feel alone or weird for liking tickling.

Literally. Why are you all so adorable. I can’t even handle it.

I’m so glad we’re all here. This little corner of tumblr def makes my list of favorite places to be.

*shows up 15 minutes late with Starbucks (YOU get a pumpkin spice latte, and YOU get a pumpkin spice latte…)*

My inner mama bear is whuffling happily.

But… am I the oldest? Oh god, I think I’m the oldest. But that doesn’t matter so long as all of you feel safe and happy and accepted. I would have killed for this community when I was a teen. The fact that I can help provide it just makes me so damn happy, I can’t even tell you.

image [x]

*shows up out of the blue uninvited* I feel like the middle child who can both ask for advice and give advice since I’m 19 and in between adulthood and childhood. I love all of my older and younger siblings <3

*pokes head in* Well I am a junior in high school (just like cuddlemonstercas) and the current age is 16! But I get so darn-dash-gosh-nabbit HAPPY when I see younger writers making these fanfictions or even just reading them because the fandom is so warm and fuzzy and welcoming! I love you all and will be glad to treat you as my older and younger, and oh so ticklish ;), siblings! <33333

fanfics fandom LOVE YOU GUYS

Supernatural: To Deal with a Pouty Gabriel

A/N This is based off of two requests I got for ticklish!Gabe. And I never had time to make real fics out of each of them so I combined the two to get this melting pot of fanfiction’s.

Anon 1: Deaged!Gabe bein pouty and in a pissy mood and Sam (maybe Dean too) try and cheer him up

Anon 2: Oh oh oh can I request some Ticklish!Gabe? Idk, maybe he’s been a pain in the ass lately and the Winchesters are sick of it?

Words: 1,208

Please Enjoy!

It’s been three days and Gabriel had not stopped being a pouting little… Dean would call him a bitch, but that wasn’t the nicest name to call a three-year-old. The boys were stuck to take care of this child while Castiel went off to fix the spell. The first day was fine, little Gabriel barely speaking even at that age, and he ran around and giggled a lot. The second day was where the little guy had started losing hope that he would ever be back to his normal self. Now, the third day, he was just sitting on the couch looking far too big for him and himself looking far too pouty. Sam walked into the room and saw him, sighing. He took a seat next to the kid.

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Anonymous asked:

Amazing more please(:

Fanfics And Fluff Answer:

Thank you! I’ll try :)

Supernatural: Keep ‘em Up (Dean x Reader)

A/N Big thank you to nerdstrings for requesting when I asked :) She said this:

Oooh, I had readerfic on the brain earlier! :) Hm, I’ve always been a fan of the “try to keep your arms up” thing, with “assistance” being added upon the inevitable failure. ;) Definitely with lots of smirking down at you, maybe attempts at maintaining casual conversation, the show of disappointment and then the followup pinning and merciless continuation. I see it happening that way with Dean, particularly, but any of them could be fun! :)


I know this is a super short fic and I’m sorry, but I just wanted to give you all something to tell you in some way that I haven’t stopped writing for good. School is just being a bitch and a half. Thank you all for being so patient with me.

Words: 917

Please Enjoy!

It had started out with Dean being curious about something you would rather not have him know about, leading to a challenge request, ending with you quite stupidly accepting said challenge. As if to make things worse, Dean straddled you, making sure to keep an intimate distance between you and himself. He then proceeded to voice the rules once more, clearly to make the anticipation worse for you.

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Anonymous asked:

Do you take requests

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Yes I do! Send it on over! :)

Anonymous asked:

Do you have anymore ideas coming soon.Youre fics are just awesome and it's hard to wait patiently when they are like that.

Fanfics And Fluff Answer:

Well thank you so much! And to be completely honest, I have five fics that I’ve started but not completed. So I’m very disappointed in myself for that. I’ll try my very hardest to get one up!

calmturquoise asked:

Once you receive this you have to post 5 nice things about yourself publicly and then send it to 10 of your favorite followers :)

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Oh boy… let’s see think nice, think nice…

1. I quite pride myself on my sense of humor (consists of funny noises and much sarcasm)

2. I really, really, reeeeally like to sing, and I’m not half bad at it :)

3. (damn this is getting hard) I have pretty much 90 and above averages in all my classes

4. I enjoy listening to people and their stories

5. My fanfictions bring people joy :)


when people reblog my fics I sometimes creep on their blogs and occasionally befriend them from my main account and they have no idea